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Steve S.

Tammi is an outstanding physical therapist and would highly recommend her services to anyone who is in pain, Best money you can spend.

Hank R. 

"I've gotten more out of 10minutes with Tammi than the last 3 physical therapists I've seen."

Hank R. 

"I've gotten more out of 10minutes with Tammi than the last 3 physical therapists I've seen."

Michelle M.

Her knowledge surpasses all others! She customizes her care for you based on evaluation, which is very thorough! Her hands on approach is what distinguishes her from most therapists. She is wonderful and I recommend her to others often.

Jessica B.

Tammi is the only person who has been able to cure by neck pain. For years I have suffered and after 1 visit my headaches were gone and I was finally able to have full mobility of my neck. Every Dr. I have ever seen has just wanted to do surgery, but Tammi listened and was able to find the true cause of my neck injury. I am an elite gymnastics coach and any time my athletes had injuries Tammi was our first call. Tammi has helped so many of my athletes recover and stay recovered. I would recommend Tami to anyone and everyone. She is truly the only person I completely trust to not only help myself, with injuries or pain, but also my athletes. Tammi is truly amazing!!!!!

Michelle Y.

Tammi is amazing! She is extremely knowledgable, professional and caring. I took my daughter to her for a sports (gymnastics) injury. She was able to cut recovery time with her cutting edge therapy! She works amazing with integrating patients into the care team. Tammi is the first person I call with any injury. Best person physical therapist/athletic trainer around!!

Steffi S.

I'm so grateful that I found Tammi, the phenomenal physical therapist behind PT2Excel. After just one treatment, I was asking where I could give her a 5-star review for her awesome work! 

Tammi brings a massive amount of skills, knowledge, and expertise to the table. Plus -- her business model is pure gold! She brings all of her equipment to your home for appointments which is incredibly convenient and something I've never seen done by other physical therapists. 

You can tell that she loves her job because she really takes the time to educate about the rationale behind each maneuver in a fun and positive way. For years, I have had issues with worsening back pain and postural issues, exacerbated by my job as a nurse. I felt hopeless after the gym that I joined made me feel like my back was "too messed up" to resolve through strength training (at the age 26, like really?), and my attempts to resolve pain through chiropractic only provided minimal temporary relief. 

I'm happy to say that with one session, Tammi already started to identify the primary causes of my pain and provided so much insight and relief! My shoulders and neck felt so much more aligned and I have hope that by continuing to work with her, I can continue to see improvements in my mobility. Make an appointment!! You will not regret it.

Chrissy T.

Tammi is everything you want in a physical therapist! She is knowledgeable, innovative, compassionate, encouraging, personable, and attentive to the body and mind. I have seen her for a number of ailments, as I am a very avid soccer player who has recovered from two ACL surgeries, but my main focus has been cervical spine issues caused by herniated discs. Tammi's calm and confident demeanor quickly places me at ease in her care, and when working through a spinal injury having trust in your physical therapist is incredibly important. I greatly appreciate the different techniques and procedures she utilizes, and I always leave our session learning more about my body and health. She doesn’t just help alleviate tension, tightness and pain, she also provides a number of new stretches/exercises that assist with continued strengthening to prevent further and future injury. I highly recommend Tammi to anyone in search of a physical therapist at the next level!

Trevor M.

As a physical therapist Tammi has a very unique set of skills. In situations where other PT treatments have simply not been effective, Tammi is able to use new and innovative treatment styles that fit the specific needs of each patient. There is no one that I trust more with my health and recovery than her. Even her colleagues use every opportunity available for her to treat their own personal ailments.

Mary Jo S. 

"I came to Tammi with left shoulder and right hip pain, but she didn't just treat those areas. She addressed my whole body instead of just giving me exercises for those parts. She found that the biggest issues were actually my neck and ribs and was able to address the cause of my pain rather than just the symptoms, so I was able to get back to swimming laps without pain."

Dean P.

Tammi is an absolutely amazing physical therapist! She is professional, knowledgeable, personable and caring. My 8yo gymnast is currently under her care recovering from a severe elbow injury and we could not be more pleased with the level of care she is receiving. Physical Therapy is a booming business today and I'm sure you would have no trouble finding any therapist, but if you want the best in the business sek out Tammi. I highly recommend her!!

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