ROCKSTAR Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Job Posting

Want to help a Yelm-based small business thrive and grow?

Want to work with patients one-on-one for a WHOLE HOUR (or MORE) and not have to worry about insurance rules?

Want to work at a Cash-Pay clinic?

Want a flexible compensation package? 


I’m seeking a confident pelvic floor PT/PTA for a Part-Time/PRN position in my physical therapy practice: PT2Excel. 









Someone who:


 - Has excellent clinical skills with emphasis on pelvic floor

 - Constantly strives to get better and learn new skills - A life long learner!

 - Gets excited about trying new things and implementing new skills

 - Is able to communicate to patients and other medical professionals in a confident and

professional manner. 

 - Is good at time management

 - Is open to different ways of thinking about movement and body function

 - Likes to smile

 - Feels comfortable working independently

 - Enjoys being associated with a CrossFit gym (many lifting athletes have pelvic floor issues)

 - Feels comfortable explaining exam findings and POC to patients at the end of the Eval and treatment sessions so patients know that YOU can help them

 - Can build trust with patients so that patients are more likely to complete their POC

 - Enjoys collaborating with a mostly orthopaedic PT for a tag-team approach to patient care










Being Successful in This Position Will Involve:


Evaluating and Treating patients from a variety of backgrounds including athletes, post-partum, etc.

Being confident working independently (after some training) at a gym-based clinic. 

Being able to communicate confidently and effectively with patients regarding evaluation findings, the "why" behind treatment techniques, showing patients the before and after of effective techniques so they can see changes in their body. 

Being able to confidently talk to patients about plan of care and seeing the value in continued compliance with the plan of care to keep patients coming back when clinically appropriate. 


Becoming proficient at the electronic medical record PTEverywhere and using it to document patient evaluation and treatments. There is a voice to text option!


Accepting payment at the end of treatment sessions (We accept cash, check, Venmo and all major credit cards)


Scheduling patients at the end of each visit


Teaching live and online workshops and attending marketing events

Being able to promote yourself, your skills, and PT2Excel to your patients, referral sources and at marketing events


Communicating daily/weekly with me regarding patient care and administrative tasks


Opening/Closing the office including locking/unlocking the doors and windows, turning on/off heaters/fans and lights, filling/emptying the essential oil diffuser, sweeping, swiffering, and putting equipment away. 


Cleaning all the equipment and any surfaces the patient or family members touch between visits with a deep clean including wiping down all surfaces at the end of each day.


Refilling/restocking small items like the cleaning bottles, tissues, etc when they are low.



This is a flexible PRN position of evenings and weekends that could easily grow into a scheduled part-time position then eventually a full-time position as the clinic grows and expands to another location.
If the above sounds like you and fits with the schedule you’re seeking, please read on for details about what this position will entail.


To learn more about PT2Excel,
click the button below. 

My Vision:

I created PT2Excel as a Cash-Pay clinic so that patients could get the care that they need and clinicians can treat the way they're trained to treat without being hand-cuffed by insurance rules. We spend 1-2hrs one-on-one with our patients, so patients and therapists get the most out of each session. The person I hire for this position will need to be able to grow their caseload from PRN to part time during the hours that I'm not treating in the clinic. When we've maximized our current space, I plan to open a second location, which will allow for full time possibilities and the potential to take on more responsibility if desired.   

Thanks for reading so far! You’re already showing some of the characteristics I’m looking for, so if you’re interested in applying for this position, please send an email to and follow these specific directions:
1. Use the Subject line: I'm interested in being a rockstar pelvic floor physical therapist
2. Within the email, please include a few sentences about why you feel you are a great fit for this position.
3. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile. (If you don’t already have one, please make one. It doesn’t need to be long or fancy!)
4. Attach your resume as a PDF file. 

The ideal candidate for this position is someone who is compassionate and has a passion for helping patients address problems in the sensitive area of the pelvic floor including post-partum issues, prolapse, pelvic pain, incontinence issues, etc. This clinician consistently exhibits confidence during treatments and enjoys working in an environment with a lot of autonomy. 


Thank you so much for your interest in this position! 


I hope to meet you soon!