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Special Offer for Festivus Participants

It was so great to meet you at Festivus! Those workouts were tough, but you made it through!  You might be feeling a little battered and bruised, or you might just want to get your body performing at maximal capacity. Either way, we're here for you, and we can't wait to help! If you mention Festivus when you schedule, you'll get your first visit for only $99. That's a savings of $66. This offer is only good until May 13th, so book now to get awesome treatment at an exceptional price! 

Don't want to wait another minute to get started feeling better, performing better, and making those GAINS?! Click below to set up your patient profile and book your first appointment! Let's Do This!

Not ready to commit? Tell us what's bothering you in a FREE 15min phone consultation.


Call/Text 253-260-0122 or Click below to make a phone date!

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