COVID-19 Precautions

As more information emerges, we are adapting. Physical therapy has been deemed an essential service, so we will remain open to serve our patients in person as long as it remains safe to do so. Did you know we also offer Virtual Visits?!?!

What We're Doing:  

1. Cleaning: We continue to use hospital-grade disinfectant to sterilize all the surfaces that patients or their personal items contact after each session. We sweep and Swiffer the hard floors and vacuum and spray the rugs with rubbing alcohol at the end of each day.   

2. Air Quality: We have complete control of the temperature and air-flow of our space with a fully contained wall heater. We open the outside door after each patient to allow for fresh air to enter. We are also using an air-purification blend of essential oils, which are diffused into the office all day. 

3. Masks: We require masks to be worn by clinicians and patients in the office at all times. 

4. Patients: We request that all family members remain in their cars with the exception of a parent being present for an underaged patient. 

5. Screening: We take our temperature at the start of each workday and take the temperature of each patient at the start of each session. We ask that if you or anyone in your home is experiencing the following symptoms that you change your in-person sessions to virtual visits until symptoms resolve and you receive negative Covid-19 test results. 

-Fever or chills


-Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


-Muscle or body aches


-New loss of taste or smell

-Sore throat

-Congestion or runny nose

-Nausea or vomiting


6. Holiday Gatherings: We are dedicated to the health and safety of all of our patients and their families as well as the health as safety of our family. With this in mind, and coinciding with Governor Inslee's COVID-19 guidance on 11/15/20, we have chosen to cancel our holiday gatherings with out-of-town family and friends. We feel this is the safest choice for us to keep our patients safe. We also recognize that many of our patients will choose differently, and that's okay too! Many clinics in the area are not allowing patients to enter their clinics for 14 days after attending a social gathering, but we feel it is not our place to regulate our patients' extracurricular activities. We will not withhold care or demand that patients do virtual visits if they choose to socialize for the holidays. We do ask that if you attend a social gathering for the holidays (or at any other time for that matter) that you be mindful of any symptoms you develop afterwards and communicate accordingly with us prior to your visit. We really appreciate your help in maintaining a safe environment for ALL our patients!

We appreciate your understanding and patience with us as we all do our best to navigate through this ever-changing world. Please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns! We look forward to continuing to work with you in-person and virtually, so we don't waste any time getting your body back on track and meeting your goals!